Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth – Mandate

The duty of the Office, as simply stated in the Bill, is to:

1.”provide an independent voice for children and youth including First Nations children and youth and children with special needs by partnering with them to bring issues forward”; and

2.”encourage communication and understanding between children and families and those who provide them with services”; and

3.” educate children, youth and their caregivers regarding the rights of children and youth”

As of March 2016:

  • Increased Mandate
  • Includes an investigation branch now


  • Youth focus – advocate for youth only
  • Children and Youth must call themselves (don’t hear from parents)


  • Anyone can call on behalf of children and youth
  • Hear mainly from parents
  • Cant reverse any prior decisions
  • Make recommendations – in hopes they will be adopted

Parental Voice

  • No voice for parents in and of themselves, but do work with parents calling on behalf of their children

Provincial Advocate Contact:

Irwin Elman

Meet the Provincial Advocate

In October of 2007, the Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth was established with the passage of Bill 165 by the Legislature of Ontario. On July 14, 2008 an all party panel of the Legislature appointed Irwin Elman to provide leadership to the new Provincial Advocate Office as it strives to promote the voice of children and youth across Ontario.


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